Get Your Data Back Fast, Every Time

Advanced technology meets ease-of-use in the E2 backup solution for small business. E2 protects the entire data footprint of your organization both on-site and in the cloud. It includes hardware, software and a full year of backups in the cloud, all for one low subscription price.

Why Hybrid Backup is Better for Business

Hybrid backup gives you the speed of local recovery for critical applications and data, and the added protection of cloud backups for disaster recovery scenarios. This ensures you can access data quickly, reliably and securely in virtually any data loss scenario.

  1. LOCAL BACKUP – for rapid recovery
  2. OFFSITE BACKUP – for redundant data protection

How it Works

Install EVault software on each server to be protected. One subscription covers unlimited devices.

  • The software agents send the data to an on-site backup device that we provide
  • The device is small and fits easily on a desk or cabinet with no complicated racks or installation required.
  • Simultaneously, the device sends data to the secure EVault cloud for added protection.

An Entire Year of Backups

E2 uses simple data retention policies for both on-site and cloud backups. The E2 backup device keeps your most recent backups on-site for rapid recovery, while the cloud contains all of your data, including a full year of backups for on-site disruptions, such as a power failure or regional disaster. This gives you multiple recovery options to choose from, including the ability to return to a specific point in time prior to a disruption.


Easy to Use for All Ability Levels

Our secure, web-based portal – accessible from anywhere in the world – makes it easy to configure and monitor all backups from one central location. With a few clicks, you can recover individual files, folders or an entire system with no hassles.

Check All the Boxes

EVault works with over 200 OS versions, applications and platforms, including the leading virtual platforms, Hyper-V and VMWare. With end-to-end encryption, including 256-bit private key encryption and TLS/SSL transport security, your data remains confidential at every stage in the process.

E2: Rapid recovery for physical or virtual servers

E2 combines all the components of a complete data backup and recovery strategy including hardware, software and cloud storage, delivered as a service.

  • Hybrid deployment with on-site hardware
  • Image backup with forever incrementals
  • More than 200 applications and operating systems supported, including Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, Hyper-V and VMWare
  • Includes full version history in the cloud
  • Protect up to 1 TB of server data