How to Use

Foto Editor is about editing your photos with comfort. It offers complete set of basic image editing tools. It is a photo editor with an elegant user friendly interface. It is highly efficient and improves your photos instantly. With Foto Editor

  • Gamma filter: you can perform the gamma correction of photos
  • RGB balance: you can adjust the relative strength of R,G and B components of photos
  • Brightness and contrast: you can adjust brightness and contrast of photos
  • Gray Scale: you can convert a colored picture in a gray scale picture
  • Sepia: you can create sepia effect in your photos
  • Negative: you can create negative effect in your photos
  • Mirror: you can create mirror effect in your photos
  • Rotate: you can rotate your photos by 180 degrees
  • Properties: you can view various properties of your photo such as size, width, height information etc.
  • Take photos from within the application and edit them before saving
  • It saves photo in original dimensions
  • You can upload the edited photos on Facebook, Twitter and Picasa
Next version: More effects and filters will be provided in next version of Foto Editor