MediaSlate is an interesting Business app that converts your iPad into an interactive whiteboard with its spectacular layout and embedded features. Display the board screen on a multimedia projector while you work.�Take notes, give presentations or play board games with your colleagues. A perfect substitute of a whiteboard and notepad. You can make your meetings more productive by making use of this app where you can select any photo from your library and display to your colleagues and other officials. At the same time you can also label there and then to demonstrate to your staff. With Media�s Slate improved user experience and striking features you can consummate your business in the best way. 

MediaSlate can be used in schools as replacement for traditional whiteboards or flipcharts using different background colors. Kids can create and enjoy their different intuitive drawings on this app. Moreover children can try their homework on this and erase at any stage. Now try different handwritings on screen and enjoy them in different colors. Save to photo library or share the colorful handwritings, labeled diagrams and drawings to your friends through email.

Try it out and make use of MediaSlate�s eminent attributes from writing and drawing to presenting and labeling on a multimedia in your own unique way.

Projecting was never so easy and enticing but with MediaSlate it is all undemanding now!

Have fun with projecting, displaying and sharing!

MediaSlate Features
Following are some key features of MediaSlate

  • Improved user experience
  • Multimedia support
  • Set line pattern to solid, dotted or straight line
  • Adjust line color
  • Change background color
  • Select background from your photo album
  • Use as many colors as you want
  • Save to photo library
  • Clear board using the eraser�
  • Adjust line thickness
  • Redo and Undo features
  • Email board screen

Writing and Drawing Tips:
  • Drag your finger to write and try different handwritings
  • Draw different things with finger. Take your time as art requires a well imaginative mind
  • Use different stroke weights; Dotted, Line or Straight in your drawing. Use thin strokes for fine details and thick strokes for bold moves or to color the background
  • Save your work in your photo library and view and edit at any time
  • Share all your art and handwritings with your friends through emai

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Download  Media slate for iPad  Download  Media slate for iPad

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