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iPicEd offers 32 practically useful filters, 11 overlay effects to beautify your photos for any occasion, 6 borders and 12 elegant photo frames to enhance your photo.


Now you can apply filters on selective area of an image.
The filter set is divided in 9 categories along with Overlays and Frames category.

  • Adjust category contains the filters related to image adjustment which are RGB Balance, Contrast Brightness and Gamma. User can adjust these settings from the slider provided on the screen.
  • The Colorize category contains additional filters i.e. Saturation, Equalize, Normalize, Solarize, Tritone, TintBlue, TintRed, TintGreen and ColorSplash.
  • The Effects category contains Pencil, Erode, Dilate, Emboss, Soften, Jitter, Posterize, OilPaint, Sharpen, Sepia, Negative, Grayscale, NightVision and Pinhole effects.
  • The Deform category contains Twirl, Cylinder, Pinch, Punch, Bathroom and Square filters.
  • The Overlays category contains Balloons, Birds, Drops, Cracks, Flowers, Insects, Nature, Moon, Splash, Crush and Vintage overlay effects that will be embedded on top of your photos.
  • iPicEd also offers Frames that contains Anniversary, Friends, Music, Nature, Photos, Sleek, Thinking Of You, Zebra, Easter Eggs, Decent, Hearts and Birds. Your photos will be framed for all celebrations.
  • Different Operations on the image can be performed like RotateLeft, RotateRight, MirrorVertical, MirrorHorizontal and Crop
  • Greeting Text can be placed on the image. User can set the BackgroundColor, Font, FontSize and FontColor before placing the greeting text on the image.
  • Border on the image can be applied. Supported borders are CenimaVertical, CenimaHorizontal, Rounded, InvertRounded, Simple and Strip
  • Zoom pictures for better a view.
  • Using iPicEd you can email photos to your friends just after editing.
  • Create electrifying photos by combining various filters and effects
It supports dimensions of 12 Megapixels. If you like this application, please post a review, reviews and ratings are extremely important for future development of the product.

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